The Argus World Argosy
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Argosy Album

Photographs taken along the Argosy as well as other fun items...

Extra Photos & Other Cool Items...

In addition to submitting three photos for their individual WA page, many of the participants have added additional photos taken with the camera for future participants to enjoy.  Other items have also been added such as an Argus light meter, a PC flash adaptor, a half case, notes and even the photo albums for the extra photographs. 
Photo by Marcy Merrill.  Click on photo to see Marcy's multi-media website of her week with the World Argus!

Person to Person Hand-Offs...

October 2002: Lowell, MA
Richard Chiriboga hands off the World Argus to Richard Sweeney (left)

November 2002: Providence, RI
Bob Grahan, Richard Chiriboga and James Surprenant take the World Argus C3 for a rainy day walk.

March 2003: Martinsville, VA
Doug Wilcox Hands off the World Argosy to Ron Norwood, 03/11/03at Dyno-Tees, Martinsville, Virginia

September 2003: Ann Arbor, MI
Dan Cluley hands off the World Argosy C3 to Mark O'Brien, September 2003 at the Argus Buidling, Ann

The World Argus vs. Hasselblad
by Richard Heather


Richard writes...
"Attached are my World Argus photos. I shot Kodak TechPan film. This is very high definition, low grain, high contrast film. I shot some photos with a tripod to see how sharp the Cintar really was.
When I looked at the scans of the negs I was at first disappointed with the detail. I had some email conversations with Jaye Waas (who had the camera previously so it must have been set up correctly).
To actually compare images I pulled out an old negative shot at the same place with the same film with a Hasselblad. At first the larger, longer focal length image looked much better but when cut down to the same pixel size the Argus came out OK.
There was a lack of specular highlights that Jaye felt may have been from weak developer but these negs are very strongly developed. It is probably a function of the time of year with the sun being higher in the sky.
When in the darkroom to print the neg it looks quite sharp in the grain focus device (no grain to see with Tech Pan). It makes a good 8x10 print 11x14 should be OK but the edges get more fuzzy.
Really pretty good for a camera that I have bought several for less than the price of the film ($16.00)."