The Argus World Argosy
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Rules & Guidelines

  • Each participant may shoot as many rolls of film as he or she likes, but must keep possession of the camera for only one week, excluding complicating real life circumstances.
  • Black & white or color is acceptable.
  • Auxiliary lenses and filters and other accessories may be used, but you must pass the camera on as you received it, with all of the original parts and any accessories included.
  • Photographers are encouraged to include a print or two with the camera when shipping it off to the next participant.
  • Each photographer isresponsible for scanning and submitting his or her photographs.
  • The scans, which must be no larger than 600x900, should be sent electronically to and/or for upload to the web site.  Be sure to indicate "World Argosy Photos" in the subject line of your submission.
  • Each photographer is encouraged to submit a self portrait in addition to their three photographs taken with the World Argus C-3.  Self portraits need not be taken with the World Argus C-3, but we encourage you to include the camera in your portrait.
  • Direct hand-offs are encourage whenever possible.  If meeting with other participants to hand off the camera, please submit a photograph of the exchange for inclusion on the Argosy Album page.
  • A brief comment on the photographer's time with the camera which may include some basic biographical  information, the list of places he or she took the camera, interesting anecdotes of other peoples' reaction to the camera, etc. These "journal entries" will be included on their site with their photographs.
  • Each photographer will receive the name and address of the next recipient of the camera by email after he or she receives the camera.  Addresses will be given out as the project progresses to allow for route changes as participants may sign up or drop out.
  • When shipping the camera off to the next photographer, you should send an e-mail message to so the web site may be updated to reflect the current position of the camera. Also it is recommended that you e-mail the recipient of the camera to confirm the shipping address and then the date when the camera has been sent. Similarly each recipient should email both and the sender of the camera to confirm that it arrived safely. All registered recipients will receive the e-mail address and shipping address of the participant to whom he or she is responsible for sending the camera.
  • Please be certain to pack the camera well if shipping it by the postal service, FedEx or UPS.
  • It is permissible to hand the camera off to the next participant if he or she is located geographically near you.   If you get together with other participants, please submit photos of your get together for inclusion on this site.
  • Every participant in North America assumes the costs associated with delivering the camera to the next user.
  • Users outside of North America agree to assume the shipping costs of receiving the camera.
  • When the World Argus' trip is complete, rules for voting in the contest will be posted. As of now, each member of the ACG at that time and/or participant in the program will have a number of equal votes that he or she may cast. (Several votes assure that photographers can't just vote for their own work.) A team of at least three ACG members will tabulate the votes.
  • The winning photographer will receive the World Argus C-3 to keep as the grand prize. Second prize will be an ACG T-shirt & cap. Third prize will be an Argus 75 camera.  Honorable mention will go to the photographer of the picture that received the fourth largest number of votes.  He or she will receive a hard-bound 1947 edition of 1001 Ways to Improve your Photographs. Donations of other prizes are always welcomed.


Argus C3 serial number 1505859

About the Camera

The Argus C-3 that is traveling around the world is a ColorMatic model, serial number 1505859, which was donated by ACG member Doug Gould of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Canada) and tuned up prior to the start of the project by ACG member and camera repairman extraordinaire, Jaye Waas of Burbank, California. Jaye, who tracks the serial numbers of C-3s with known purchase dates, calculates that our World C-3 was probably manufactured in 1957-58. In addition to tuning the camera up to factory-fresh performance, Jaye has also re-synchronized the camera for electronic flash. ACG members who have a modern electronic flash with a PC cable will be able to use their flashgun with the camera.