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The Argus World Argosy

        Photogs: 49
     Continents:  4
      Countries:  7
      US States: 27 (includes Puerto Rico)


Welcome to THE argus WORLD ARGOSY , a project by and for the members of the Argus Camera Collectors Group , through which we are passing a single Argus C-3 camera from person to person across North America and around the world!

Each participant will make photographs with the camera and then pass it on to the next photographer on the list. Each participant may upload up to three photographs along with some comments on each image and either a self portrait or a photograph of the camera at a local landmark.

All photographs submitted will be linked to this web site and when the project is eventually completed we shall vote on our favorite photographs. The prizes for those getting the most votes are:

  1. The well-traveled World Argus goes to the overall winner!
  2. An ACG cap and t-shirt donated by Doug Wilcox , proprietor of Dyno-Tees in Martinsville VA.
  3. An Argus 75 camera donated by James M. Surprenant. 
  4. A copy of the 1947 book, 1001 Ways to Improve Your Photographs donated by ACG Member Karl Sadler.

SPECIAL THANKS to Marcy Merrill, aka The Silver Nitrate Queen, for hosting the individual image sites going forward.  Be sure to check out her website www.merrillphoto.com and stop by her Junk Store Camera pages...she's an inspiration, and a really decent photographer to boot!

Click thumbnail to see map of the completed North American Leg, 2002-2004

European Tour: Sept - Nov 2004
Click on thumbnail for full size map

Click thumbnail to see map of the completed Australian Visit, August 2004

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to this site.
Send email to James M. Surprenant: ne1ri@yahoo.com