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Richard Sweeney - Lowell, Massachusetts

 Richard Sweeney

Richard Sweeney
Becuase he couldn't bring a mirror large enough, Richard took this self portrait
on ASA 200 film using his NIkon EM with a 28mm wide angle les so that he could get
the World Argus, himself, and the Landmark in. The Landmark is the American East-Indiaman
Friendship, a replica of a ship of the same name built in Salem, Massachusetts in 1797. She is owned
jointly by the National Park Service and The Friends of the Friendship, and is located at
Derby Wharf in Salem, Massachusetts.



This is a set of falls at The Old Mill restaurant in Westiminster, MA.
Richard took this photograph with the World Argus at about 3:30 in the afternoon.
It was fairly well wooded there so the exposure was f/5.6 on Kodak Gold ASA 200.

Stained Glass  

Stained Glass Window

This stained glass window in the Immaculate Conception Church in Lowell, Massachusetts.
Richard took this photograph with the World Argus on Kodak Gold, ASA 200 at f/8.
It was on the bright side of the church, but it was indeed oblique sunlight.

Massachusetts Mills

Massachusetts Mills - Lowell, Massachusetts

Taken with the World Argus taken at f/16 again on Kodak Gold ASA 200.

All photographs on this page copyright 2002, Richard Sweeney
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