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Richard S. Chiriboga - Groton, Massachusetts

Richard Chiriboga  

Richard S. Chiriboga

Richard reports he had quite a time with his film during his week during the month of November, 2002.  
He sent it to York to process it onto a CD and got back all of the negatives and two easy finders, but only one CD.
Unfortunately, he felt the best three pictures were one the roll.
"That's Life," says Richard.

Unitarian Church  

Unitarian Church, Groton, Massachusetts
Located in the center of Groton, MA, photographed with the World Argus with
ASA 100 film at f/8.

 Gibbet Hill Barn

Cow Barn, Gibbet Hill
Our defining scenic location in town.  Photographed with the World Argus with ASA 100 at f/11.

Lawrence Academy

Soccer Fields, Lawrence Academy
The soccer fields at Lawrence Academy are located across the street from Gibbet Hill in Groton.
Photographed with the World Argus with ASA 100 at f/11.

All photographs on this page copyright 2002, Richard S. Chiriboga
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