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TO DATE: 27 Photographers on 1 Continent, in 2 Countries,  including  16 U.S. States and Puerto Rico!


Welcome to THE argus WORLD ARGOSY , a project by and for the members of the Argus Camera Collectors Group , through which we are passing a single Argus C-3 camera from person to person across North America and then around the world!

Each photographer will shoot a roll or two of film in this camera and then pass it on to the next photographerr on the list. He or she will then upload three of his or her photographs and some comments on each image along with either a photograph of himself or herself with the camera, or a photograph of the camera at a local landmark.

All images will be displayed on the Internet and linked to this web site. When the project is eventually completed we shall vote on our favorite photographs. The photographer of the top-rated photograph will win the World C-3 for keeps. Second place will receive an ACG cap and t-shirt donated by Doug Wilcox , proprietor of Dyno-Tees in Martinsville VA. Third prize is an Argus 75 camera donated by James M. Surprenant.  Fourth place will receive a copy of the 1947 book, 1001 Ways to Improve Your Photographs which was donated by ACG Member Karl Sadler. Donations will continue to be accepted for other runner-up prizes.

SPECIAL THANKS to The Silver Nitrate Queen, aka Marcy Merrill, for hosting the individual image sites going forward.  Be sure to check out her website and stop by her Junk Store Camera pages...she's a real inspiration, and a really decent photographer to boot!

The Word Argus C-3, S/N 1505859, circa 1957.

About the Camera

The Argus C-3 that is traveling around the world is a ColorMatic model, serial number 1505859, which was donated by ACG member Doug Gould of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Canada) and tuned up prior to the start of the project by ACG member and camera repairman extraordinaire, Jaye Waas of Burbank, California. Jaye, who tracks the serial numbers of C-3s with known purchase dates, calculates that our World C-3 was probably manufactured in 1957-58. In addition to tuning the camera up to factory-fresh performance, Jaye has also re-synchronized the camera for electronic flash. ACG members who have a modern electronic flash with a PC cable will be able to use their flashgun with the camera.

The Participants & the Route
Who has it now?
1 Doug Gould Dartmouth Nova Scotia
2 Francis Roy Hartford VT
3 Richard Chiriboga Groton MA
4 Richard Sweeney Lowell MA
5 Bob Grahn Foxboro MA
6 James Surprenant Manville RI
7 J Ed Baker Rochester NY
8 Dan Kjeldgaard Buffalo NY
9 Allan Wafkowski Pompton Lakes NJ
10 Martin B. Reinbold New Castle DE
11 Alexander Rawles Virginia Beach VA
12 Wesley Furr Harrisonburg VA
13 Doug Wilcox Martinsville VA
14 Ron Norwood Eden NC
15 Bob Thompson Statesville NC
16 Jose E. Soler-Ochoa Arecibo PR
17 James Schenken Aiken SC
18 John Stepp Clemson SC
19 Charles Spickard Knoxville TN 
20 Karl Sadler Lewisburg TN 
21 Rob Watling Akron OH
22 Rick Oleson Lexington KY
23 Dan Cluey Mason MI
24 Mark O'Brien Ann Arbor MI
25 Vaughn Martens Racine WI
26 Tim Verthein Bovey MN
X Richard Hilliger Park Forest IL
28 Kirk Kekatos Grayslake IL
29 Ed Kowalski High Ridge MO
30 Bill Morgan Kansas City KS
31 Leon Fundenberger Topeka KS
32 Michael Huck Corpus Christi TX
33 Richard Reeder Mesa AZ
34 Phil Sterritt Denver CO
35 Curtis Barrow Great Falls MT
36 Kirsten Barrow Great Falls MT
37 Dave Harris & Igor Las Vegas NV
38 Mike Johnson Lancaster CA
39 Laura Johnson Lancaster CA
40 Jaye Waas Burbank CA
41 Richard Heather Los Osos CA
42 David Silver San Francisco CA
43 Brad Barnes Redwood City CA
44 Toni Mitchell Benecia CA
45 Marcy Merrill Tokeland WA
46 Thomas Elmore Anchorage AK
47 Ken Anderson Melbourne, Victoria Australia
48 Simon Spaans Delft Netherlands
49 Daniel Gouaze Marseille Cedex France
50 Frik De Klerk Rooihuiskraal S. Africa

After initially being serviced and returned to factory fresh specs by ACG member, Jaye Wass in Burbank, California, the World Argus C-3  is now working its way east to west accross North America making stops all accross  the United States.

After its North American journey, the camera will head overseas and visit Australia, the Netherlands, France and South Africa, thus truly earning it's name, The World Argus..

The World Argus is scheduled to pass through the hands of fifty Argus-enthusiasts as it makes its trek around the world.  The project was started in the fall of 2002 and is expected to run over two years.

The Rules

In Conclusion...

Please bookmark this site and return often to track the camera's progress and view the photographs that will be posted as they are received!

Please address all questions and comments to .

Doug Wilcox Hands off the World Argosy to Ron Norwood, 03/11/03at Dyno-Tees, Martinsville, Virginia (Home of the annual ACG Gathering!)

Dan Cluley hands off the World Argosy C3 to Mark O'Brien, September 2003 at the Argus Buidling, Ann Arbor, MI

The Argus World Argosy World Route!

Prepared by James M. Surprenant   updated: October 17th, 2003